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[README] Server Rules and Info!
« on: August 16, 2016, 12:07:18 AM »
Hello and welcome to our Creative server!

This server is under construction. It's there. It's functional. Features are being built.

General Server Information

Hub Connection: mc.conglomer.net:25565 (recommended)
Using this address will generally connect to the lobby or the last server you were connected to when logging off.

Direct Connection Details: creative.mc.conglomer.net:25565
Using this address will always bypass the hub/lobby and connect to the server directly.

Code: [Select]
gamemode 1
difficulty 0
pvp false
hardcore false
max-world-size 1000000 (current world border 5000 x 5000 radius (10k x 10k blocks))
spawn-protection 250
spawn-monster false
spawn-npcs false

Server Rules

  • NO being racist
  • NO hate

Swearing is OK to some degree, but don't be a shit. Everything else is at discretion of the admins. Act like a normal person and things should be fine.

Plugins (under construction)

- to be updated -
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