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Hey there! I know you probably haven't seen me online much in the last few weeks; and it's due to the time i've been putting into some of the changes you may have noticed as of late.

The first thing you'll notice when logging in is there's a new LOBBY!! :o

It's nothing to worry about, don't panic! Everything is still just as you left it. From the lobby server simply walk to the portal of the server you wish to join. Simple as that.

There will be a total of 4 servers. Vanilla Survival, Factions PVP, Creative and an Experimental... (experimental to come later).

The lobby currently has a sheep. Her name is Dolly. She's a clone of a clone of a clone. If you witness any abuse of the sheep. Please report to the authorities. (edit: The sheep is ded. RIP)

A new clone. She's black this time due to some sort of mutation. How she got up there who knows, but she can't get down... how long before she dies?! I hope she doesn't need much grass..


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