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Title: [README] Server Rules and Info!
Post by: drknus on August 15, 2016, 07:21:58 PM
Hello and welcome to our Vanilla Minecraft Survival Experience!

We wanted to retain the original feel of the game while providing modern enhancements and improvements that prevent spamming, hacking and any unfair advantages over legitimate players. This includes flying/lag cheats, texture pack xray cheats and others. (The thresholds we've set are quite generous and we have no plans to relax these at anytime in the future. If you're a regular player you'll understand these limits are rarely hit).

If you're caught cheating... that's a paddlin'... which is likely a perma ban. Don't be a nub.

General Server Information

Hub Connection: mc.conglomer.net:25565 (recommended)
Using this address will generally connect to the lobby or the last server you were connected to when logging off.

Direct Connection Details: vanilla.mc.conglomer.net:25565
Using this address will always bypass the hub/lobby and connect to the server directly.

Code: [Select]
gamemode 0
difficulty 2
pvp false
hardcore false
max-world-size 29999984

Server Rules

Swearing is OK to some degree, but don't be a shit. Everything else is at discretion of the admins. Act like a normal person and things should be fine.

- to be updated -
Title: Re: [README] Server Rules and Info!
Post by: drknus on August 19, 2016, 07:00:15 PM