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Title: [README] Server Rules and Info!
Post by: drknus on August 16, 2016, 12:11:12 AM
Hello and welcome to our Factions PVP server!

This server is running Factions PVP Survival! Create teams and dominate the landscape. Your land claims and buildings are protected!

Type /f for factions commands.

Claiming land is done with power. The more power you have the more land you can claim. You gain power by staying alive and playing on the server. You lose power by dying. Adding additional members to your faction increases your total available power. Land can be stolen if you (or another faction) doesn't have enough power to "hold" it.

Voting on PlanetMinecraft will get you a BEAR GRILZ MineCraft Survival Pack (a few rations and tools to help feed you). But also a chance to earn a powerboost! (http://goo.gl/ShZnEg). You do not have to be logged into the factions server to receive your reward. It will be queued for when you join.

General Server Information

Hub Connection: mc.conglomer.net:25565 (recommended)
Using this address will generally connect to the lobby or the last server you were connected to when logging off.

Direct Connection Details: factions.mc.conglomer.net:25565
Using this address will always bypass the hub/lobby and connect to the server directly.

Code: [Select]
gamemode 0
difficulty 2
pvp true
hardcore false
max-world-size 30000 (current world border 6000 x 6000 radius (12k x 12k blocks))
spawn-protection 32
spawn-monster true
spawn-npcs true

Server Rules

Swearing is OK to some degree, but don't be a shit. Everything else is at discretion of the admins. Act like a normal person and things should be fine.


- to be updated -
Title: Re: [README] Server Rules and Info!
Post by: drknus on August 17, 2016, 02:38:52 PM
The hunting cabin spawn. It's not much but will give you a safe place to start off.