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Author Topic: [important] Community Server Listings & Voting for rewards  (Read 1576 times)


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[important] Community Server Listings & Voting for rewards
« on: August 17, 2016, 12:16:01 PM »
It's important that if you enjoy playing on our servers that you help us out by voting! We can't build a strong community without you.

Currently we have server profiles on both Planet Minecraft (PMC) and Minecraft Index (MCI). You can and should vote for each every 24h to earn in game rewards as well as cumulative votes.

Cumulative votes will earn additional rewards over time and will show me the players which help the server out the most (which could be used in granting certain op permissions and such).

Votes will work while offline. So feel free to vote at anytime to earn your rewards next time you login. If you vote for the lobby server, your vote and rewards will be available on all subsequent servers. (you can vote once for each of the links below every day).

PlanetMC: http://goo.gl/FIQCd0
MC-Index: http://goo.gl/gMIuh9

Server Specific
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